Parents and grandparents have graciously shared these stories, photos, and testimonials.

Sweet Sampling of Stories…

We had moved back east for the summer and the house we lived in came with an adorable petite female cat. Our dog fell in love with the cat on day one. Every morning we'd go outside and the cat would be sitting on a wooden bench that had a huge sign above it that read, "Beware of Dog." And where was our dog? Sitting infront of the bench gazing at the cat. It truly was a summer romance...actually, they were best friends!


My little ferret one day grabbed a little plastic troll doll, with long hot pink hair, from the lowest shelf in our family room where we kept the kids' toys. Each night our beloved pet would take the doll into his comfy bed, cuddle up and fall asleep. Later in years, on the day our Ferret turned very ill our middle child suggested we put the beloved troll doll next to his ailing body. He quickly cuddled up to the doll and seemed more peaceful than we had seen him over the past 24-hours.  


Our town's annual July Fourth parade was about to begin and in keeping with our small town's tradition we all dressed our dogs up. While none of our pets were in the parade, it just added to the overall fun and made for great people (and pet) watching. Well, last year my dog got startled by the first marching band and managed to slip out of his leash. He ran on the parade route barking up a storm. The audience applauded...that was until she stopped to go potty (actually number two if you know what I mean) right in front of the mayor's chair. Needless to say, I (and my dog) were the brunt of many jokes this past year.

Some Parent Historian stories and Testimonials about the Parent Historian service....Enjoy!

When my husband came home last Friday, our son said, as he does every day, “I missed you, Dad!” But on this particular day he also added, “Where were you, dad?” My husband said, “Well, I work!” To that, our son quickly replied…”You golfed?”


We’re in the stage of potty training our child, so the talk of “pee pee” and “poo poo” have been used a lot. As a result, we had to also teach our son to not use those words in public. Last week I was on the phone with our medical insurance provider inquiring about a bill we received. When asked what kind of insurance I had, I replied “PPO,” to which my son said, “Mommy! You aren’t supposed to talk about pee pee!” I couldn’t laugh, because to my son (and me) this was an important lesson that he had learned. I have to admit, though, I almost “peed” my pants trying to hold back my giggles!


Jacob at SeaWorld
We took our two year old son, Jacob, to SeaWorld. While admiring the Arctic Exhibit, I asked Jacob..."What's THAT?" Bubbly Jacob quickly replied, "A polar bear!" I responded, "That's right, Jacob! And where does the Polar Bear live?" Jacob thought for a moment and then confidently replied, "Outside!"
The rest of the day our wide-eyed boy continued to take in every sight, sound, and experience as he made us giggle over and over again with his take on the world around him!




Cindy S
Cindy S. and her daughter Rachel

A colleague of mind has a storytelling picture frame about her precious dog proudly displayed that you created. What an amazing, priceless piece to have in one's home or office! I love it!"
~ Keri Follmer, Orange County, CA

“Usually when I share stories about the cute things my daughter does, my girlfriends chime in to tell me stories about their children. While I truly do love hearing all about their children, it’s such a treat once in awhile to have My Memory Catcher just listen and interview me so that the focus remains on my child and how precious she is!”
~ Cindy S., Los Angeles County, CA.




“As a working mom, I’ve found it very difficult to keep the kind of running history of my son's early life that I would like – all the adorable comments and the once-in-a-lifetime stories that make you laugh or cry (or both). You think you'll remember them forever, but before you know it months or even years have passed and the memories-- unbelievably-- start to fade.  I love being 'in the moment,' and as a result I'm not a good historian of our family memories.  Having Keri Gee's support as our 'parent historian' allowed us to keep enjoying the moments as they happened, and gave us those regular times to download the events and special memories at regular intervals so they were still fresh and alive in our minds."
~ Shelley H., Orange County, CA.

"I’m so excited about My Memory Catcher! As a mother of a toddler and a newborn, I’m SO busy. We are constantly on the run – from pre-school to the park to picnics on the front lawn, there is always something going on. And you better believe that my son has some insight, observation or opinion on EVERYTHING that we do. The things that come out of his mouth sometimes stop me in my tracks. I always think – I have to write that down! I always put it off until later thinking I’ll remember, but at the end of a long day I can sometimes barely remember my name let alone the details of the day. My little newborn is doing things I want to remember too – his facial expressions, rolling over, and holding his little round head up and looking around. It’s all amazing, and finally there is a fun, easy, no-hassle way to capture it all...My Memory Catcher!"
~ Laurie C., Orange County, CA.

"I am so impressed with your creativity. I think you have a niche here. What impresses me most is that your My Memory Catcher is a warm and soft touch in a very high tech, fast-paced world."
~ Mel R., Retired Chief Executive Officer - Jewish Family Service, Orange County, CA.

"I think your business concept for My Memory Catcher is truly profound. On a personal level, it fits very well with my desire to be a more positive person in how I look at things. This shift in focus can be very challenging, but it's also extremely important in shaping how I spend my time with my daughter throughout her childhood. Even though I teach parenting and strive to model good parenting, it's just human nature to focus on things that our kids are not quite getting right, because after all they're kids and they're always learning. How wonderful that your Memory Catcher provides a tool for parents to shift their focus and create a home that celebrates its family members! How fantastic that you can inspire everyone to notice and savor all the "good stuff" that is also in the mix of Life. Thank you, Keri Gee! You are a very inspiring person. I'm also proud to be one of your clients. Thank you for the My Memory Catcher journal you are creating for me about the home we lived in Newport Beach where I cared for 10 foster children. I'm pleased you were able to interview many of the foster children so we could compile all the happy memories we had created together in that home. As you can imagine, creating and holding on to happy memories in a home where these children felt safe and loved is especially valuable in the life of a foster child, especially as they transition into adulthood."
~ Randi Rubenstein, Executive Director - Education for Successful Parenting (ESP)